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Women Empowerment



Our projects in Himalayas for empowering the women are located in Dharamshala district. We are working hard to increase the rate of education in women in Himalaya region. The current situation is that being a mountain region Himachal is lacking in the education specially in girl education. The most of the girls and women do not go to school because they have to go for helping their families in daily earning and farming related works. We are trying to raise the bar of education for girls and women in Dharamshala by conducting several education sessions, bridge courses and informal classes to empower them with education and information about their rights. We are looking for hard working and dedicated volunteers to support our campaigns and classes for women empowerment in Himalayas. We hope to reach up-to every illiterate woman in the region with the support and assistance by our volunteers.



Project Location

Girls schools, Girl's orphanages, Informal girls groups in Dharamshala, Himalayas



Women, Girls, Teens


No. of Beneficiaries



Volunteering Days (In a week`s time)

05 days in a week (Monday to Friday)


Volunteering Hours (In a day’s time)

05 to 08 hours (In a day)


Any Special Background Required

Open for all volunteers

Students, groups, couples, groups


Project Recommended for

Only female Volunteers, Students, Couples, Families, Groups, Universities


Project Duration (Minimum to Maximum)

01 Week to 52 Weeks



  • Interaction with the women

  • Assisting the instructor in special activities organized for women like sewing, stitching

  • Teaching the women general math & English

  • Teaching them about culinary hygiene & educating them about women rights

  • Helping the local staff in documentation

  • Helping the women in exploring the new ways of earning money & getting financially strong

  • Teaching them about preparing Budget for Home

  • Aware them about getting Loan for start their own small ventures

  • Preparing SHG (Self Help Groups), with the help of local banking institutions

  • Supporting them in promoting their hand-made items, products

  • Other activities initiated by the Individual Volunteer

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Things to know before applying



As you We understand that as a volunteer you are dedicating your time and capabilities to the less fortunate, so naturally it seems strange that you should have to pay to volunteer. Understand that your program is all-inclusive with a variety of services. Additionally, we have a professional staff that is responsible for finding and screening volunteer projects and accommodations while also providing 24/7 on-location service to our volunteers. Our amazing staff and all-inclusive services necessitate operating costs that we must cover in order to guarantee you an organized, safe and top quality helping and traveling adventure. Also need to raise funds to contribute materials and other resources to the volunteer projects and communities they work in. Think of your fee for volunteering abroad as part of your commitment to volunteering by fundraising for the project and community where you will be volunteering.



Nice question! Yes, there are a plenty of services those are most needed and important to know. In this project fee you will get the following services included:

  • Pre arrival assistance

  • Pick-up Delhi airport 

  • Transfer to Dharamshala by bus same/next day (Depending on the time of arrival on the volunteer in Delhi)

  • Once you book the program we will communicate about everything and will book the buses on your behalf from Delhi to Dharamshala.

  • Orientation about project, country and rules

  • Accommodation (tri/dual sharing in a host family)

  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch & dinner) Authentic Indian meals

  • English speaking project manager on project to assist

  • Emergency assistance (if required)

  • Travel support in India

  • Certificate of Volunteering

  • Cultural week activities

    • Henna painting

    • Indian dress workshop

    • Yoga in Himalayas



During the project you will be staying either in the volunteer guest house or in the Indian host family. That depends on the availability of place. You will be communicated by our staff about the accommodation.



During the project you will be getting all time meals included in the program fee. The food will be breakfast, lunch & dinner. It would be authentic Indian food balanced in nutrition and protein. If you want to make your own food in the volunteer camp/host family, you can request to cook and if they allow you, you are welcome to do so.



In Himalayas projects you would be staying either in a host family for a guest house. Mostly volunteers choose to stay with a Himalayan host family. So your day starts with a knock on your door to have the bed tea. Then after refreshing up you will be gathering in the dinner hall for the breakfast with the other family members and then you will be leaving the house for the project by walk. The projects are not far so you can walk to the projects. Mostly projects are based on mountains and you can reach there by walking to the connecting roads. The project are mostly in 1 kilometer area. There after reaching to the project, meet your supervisor and ask for the daily schedule and start your work. On computer teaching project, you will be placed at some school, orphanages, women center, computer teaching institute of any non government organization. So generally the placement would depends on the vacant place and the need. You will be working mostly from 9 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. If you bring your own laptop you can teach some computer skills to your host family, neighborhood children as well. Or take extra computer classes for the new kids after the school schedule. Then after the finishing of the project you can walk to the host family before it gets too late and dark. In the evening have a cup of Himalayan tea with your host family and can take a short walk after the dinner. This is how your volunteer day looks like. 



The Himalaya region is also known as Himachal Pradesh. In weekends you can choose to visit the beautiful mountains and valley. The most famous trips can be like Manali sightseeing, Shimla excursion, Kullu sight-seeing, Dharamshala, Darjiling, Leh-ladakh and others. You also can choose to make a combinations of travel destinations. The entire region is beautiful as heaven. Every traveler who comes to visit Himachal region always comes back to have the same fun, adventure and excitement. Here you also can do adventure activities like river rafting, skiing, mountaineering, para-gliding and lot more. If you want to book any excursion or adventure activity, please inform us before your arrival.So that the arrangements can be done on time, due to the very high number of footfall in Himachal, generally advance booking option is always great.




Volunteer trip Itinerary for Himalayas





Once your application form is submitted with the questionnaire and we found you suitable for the project, our team will coordinate you for depositing the project fee. Then once our bank confirms the receipt of your fee we will initiate the documentation process regarding your trip. You will get assistance in booking the flights, application for visa, vaccinations, insurance, packing for the trip and other essential things.



By the time our team will take flight information from you. This is the responsibility of the volunteer to inform us via e-mail about the flight details; carrier, date and time. In case there is any delay or sudden change in the flight schedule it`d volunteer`s duty to inform us immediately. We will share some Whats app contact no. for instant contact. Once we get the details of the flights we will transfer the details to Aii India team for arranging your pick-up from Delhi Airport. Our Himalaya project staff will pick you up from Delhi airport and they will be transferred to Himalayas by overnight train or bus.



Once you arrive at the Delhi airport you will meet our team member with Aii pla-card and your name on it. Please attention that in case you don`t find anyone, don`t panic wait for some another minutes and they will be there. In worst condition, if you don`t find anyone, immediately contact the Aii head office no. that are shared with you in the pre-departure kit. That no. is available 24X7. You will stay in a nearby guest house or budget hotel (Only if your flight is arriving late in India) other than you will be transferred to Dharamshala by a overnight bus the same day with the staff.



In the evening our local coordinator will conduct an orientation session for the volunteers to introduce the Himalayan projects information, host family details and the other activities you can do on weekends like skiing, trekking, sightseeing, river rafting, banana boating, kayaking, mountaineering, camping, bike renting and a lot of things that Himalaya offers. After this orientation session you will stay in the host family for the night. 

You will be taken to the host family and here you will meet your host parents, brothers and sisters. The house mother will show you your room and will introduce the family members and will let you know the rules of the house. You can have a look in the house and around. In the evening you can get to visit the nearby household grocery store, vegetable & fruit market and other necessary stops. Volunteers can also stay in the guest house for the rest of period by paying the difference amount. To know the Himalayas Project with Guest house stay please write to us at



Around 10 am your project visit will be fixed and this would be your first day as ‘Observation day’ at the project area. The coordinator or any Aii staff will arrange a visit to the projects we have to have a sense of environment and working conditions. The volunteer has to see all the other volunteers those are working there already and can have a little chat about their findings and suggestions to start with. The local staff and you will meet the beneficiaries with whom you are going to work. The local projects are real and they really need volunteering assistance and care. This is so important day for volunteer to observe the project and to see that where they fit in and what skills they possess to help on the project, because the next day would be your first volunteering day.



The next day after waking up you will be having a Himalayan Masala tea with the rest of the family members. Then you will take an authentic Himalayan breakfast and then you will leave to the project. Meet your supervisor there for the schedule for the day and start your work out there. In lunch you can come back to the house and can have it with the family or take a lunch-box with you there. After finishing the project you can come back to the host family by walking because mostly the projects are at walking distance. Enjoy your evening with the family, neighbors and walking around. Have your Himalayan dinner and sleep well. This is how a typical volunteer day would be.



This would be your regular routine and you will work from Monday to Friday on the projects. Weekends would be totally off and you can use them as you want to be. Relax, travelling, visiting, enjoying, clubbing, washing clothes etc. Choice is yours. You can take travel excursions and information from our local coordinator and make a group with the other volunteers to go on group excursions; the cheap and best way to wander. Our local coordinator will be there always with you for assistance, support and supervision.



The last Friday of your volunteer project would be slightly different and fun-filled. Take group pictures, selfies and show your gratitude towards the staff and other volunteers for the cooperation, affection and support. You can celebrate and arrange a small party with the host family at the last day and spend some emotional moments. Meet all the friends you made during your stay, thank them and have your own time. This is how your last day would be.



The last day in India! You will get enough time to pack your bags and for writing a feedback followed by one minute video feedback session. Now you are free to roam around in the local market to shop souvenir for your friends and family only if you have enough time left for the bus to Delhi. Then in evening our local coordinator will drop all the volunteers to Delhi airport to flight back to home. The bus from Dharamshala would be booked by us and from here you are on your own. Say a final good bye to the team member and here your journey ends with a lot of memories and learning of life. Namaste!!

Application form


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