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Step 3: Apply for the project



Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal. Originally visited as a retreat for hippies, Pokhara has a more relaxed feel than Kathmandu. This is a beautiful city where the Annapurna Range is reflected in the sheltered lake. The climate here is generally more moderate than Kathmandu, but the monsoon rains and humidity is more severe. Volunteers can arrive by bus from Kathmandu, or by air.Pokhara is situated approximately 200 km west of Kathmandu and can be reached in 5 hours by bus. This area is full of luscious green mountains decorated by terraced rice fields. Pokhara itself lies on the banks of Lake Phewa, a huge, beautiful lake on which it is possible to go boating and engage in other water activities. This area has a laid-back, 'sea-side' town atmosphere, with much less traffic than Kathmandu. In addition to being the starting point for major trekking routes such as the Annapurna Circuit, Sanctuary and Jomsom treks, a number of short day treks in the surrounding hills may be taken. Volunteers working in this region should bring appropriate clothing for this environment. It is warm during the days, but gets cold once the temperatures drop. Volunteers are also advised to bring sunscreen lotion, lots of insect repellent and appropriate inoculations and vaccinations for Malaria, Meningitis, Typhus fever, Hepatitis A & B, and appropriate clothing to be working in this environment.



We are working in several schools 

School placement

Naudanda Ten minutes off the main highway and one hour from Pokhara, this school houses class 1 through 10. The host family is a 15 minute walkable distance from the school. Teachers here are very friendly and supportive and the students are very eager to practice their English. This is one of the best placements for volunteers. There are some other local schools those support education for poor children. Our volunteers are also going to all of them. Mostly these schools are based on education to all motto and due to the economic conditions of Nepal fall down because of the earth quakes mostly schools charge very less and we contribute financially for their education and other materials. Volunteers also come with a lot of study materials for kids like books, stationery, pens, books, colors and other stuff to teach. A group from Australia crowed funded some funds and donated 04 computers in one of the schools.



Students from all age group


No. of Beneficiaries

30+ students


Volunteering Days (In a week`s time)

05 days in a week (Monday to Friday)


Volunteering Hours (In a day’s time)

05 to 06 hours (In a day)


Any Special Background Required

No (For 16 years or elder) 


Project Recommended for

Open for all


Project Duration (Minimum to Maximum)

01 Week to 20 weeks



  • Teaching English (Tenses, Grammar Part, Speaking, Pronunciation, Introduction etc.)

  • Teaching Mathematics (According to their syllabus)

  • Helping the slow learners

  • Inviting them so learn through illustrations

  • Create some new and graphical form of teaching

  • Outdoor games with them

  • Educational games

  • Art & craft

  • Helping them to make  their introduction in English and learning

  • helping the local school staff in taking care of the school

Project pictures

Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
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Volunteer Abroad
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Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad

Things to know before applying



As We understand that as a volunteer you are dedicating your time and capabilities to the less fortunate, so naturally it seems strange that you should have to pay to volunteer. Understand that your program is all-inclusive with a variety of services. Additionally, we have a professional staff that is responsible for finding and screening volunteer projects and accommodations while also providing 24/7 on-location service to our volunteers. Our amazing staff and all-inclusive services necessitate operating costs that we must cover in order to guarantee you an organized, safe and top quality helping and traveling adventure. Also need to raise funds to contribute materials and other resources to the volunteer projects and communities they work in. Think of your fee for volunteering abroad as part of your commitment to volunteering by fundraising for the project and community where you will be volunteering.



Your Itinerary



Once you book the program and deposit the fee, our team will start assisting you with all the necessary information about the country, project location and project. We will be helping you out with the visa, flights, insurance and other related stuff that is mandatory to have. Some other documentation would get done from our side as well. You will get a complete e-guide on Nepal projects, pre-departure kit, packing list, vaccinations and medicines etc. Before departing to Nepal we will make you all set go.



By the time our team will take flight information from you. This is the responsibility of the volunteer to inform us via e-mail about the flight details; carrier, date and time. In case there is any delay or sudden change in the flight schedule it`d volunteer`s duty to inform us immediately. We will share some Whatsapp contact no. for instant contact. Once we get the details of the flights we will transfer the details to ground Nepal team for arranging your pick-up from Kathmandu airport. Please notice that all Nepal project volunteers must arrive in Kathmandu only. From here after orientation they will be send to their respective locations.



Once you arrive at the airport you will meet our team member with Aii pla-card and your name on it. You can go with them to the hotel/guest house managed to take for the sightseeing. Please attention that in case you don`t find anyone, don`t panic wait for some another minutes and they will be there. In worst condition, if you don`t find anyone, immediately contact the Aii head office no. that are shared with you in the pre-departure kit. That no. is available 24X7. You are going to stay at night in the hotel and all meals are on you. The next day would be your orientation and Kathmandu sightseeing.



In the morning our coordinator will be there for your orientation about the Nepali culture, program, country, people, beliefs and language. Then your Kathmandu sight-seeing will start followed by the orientation. In Kathmandu sight-seeing you will visit magnificent ancient temples like Baoudhnath, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath along with the royal architecture & historical Kathmandu Durbar Square, Kopan monastery and some other places if the time allows. Here the meals are on you. The next day would be a free day for you to travel by yourself or arrange a tour by us for the rest of the places. The night stay would be at the hotel.



Next morning you would be taken by the local coordinator to your village placement or the project location you have chosen like Chitwan, Pokhara or Kathmandu.



After reaching the project location, the local coordinator will take you to your project stay with a host family. Be gentle and open to ask questions and be friendly because you have to stay for the entire duration with the family. The people are so welcoming and calm and you will really enjoying staying with them.



The same day if time allows you will be visiting the project area with the local staff and you will meet the beneficiaries with whom you are going to work. The local projects are real and they really need volunteering assistance and care. The teaching projects need a real and practical plan because the English language of Nepali natives is very low and as the global requirements for any job is English.



Here from the same visiting day you can choose to stay on the project or you can come the next day as well. The next day after waking up you will be having a Nepali tea with the rest of the family members. Then you will take an authentic Nepali breakfast and then you will leave to the project. Meet your supervisor there for the schedule for the day and start your work out there. In lunch you can come back to the house and can have it with the family or take a lunch-box with you there. After finishing the project you can come back to the host family by walking because mostly the projects are at walking distance. Enjoy your evening with the family, neighbors and walking around. Have your Nepali dinner and stay at night. This is how a typical volunteer day would be.



This would be your regular routine and you will work from Monday to Friday on the projects. Weekends would be totally off and you can use them as you want to be. Relax, trekking, visiting, enjoying, clubbing, washing clothes etc. Choice is yours. You can take travel excursions and information from our local coordinator and make a group with the other volunteers to go on group excursions; the cheap and best way to wander. Our local coordinator will check you on every two weeks and would be in contact through phone with you, host family and project.



The last Friday of your volunteer project would be slightly different and fun-filled. Take group pictures, selfies and show your gratitude towards the staff and other volunteers for the cooperation, affection and support. A small party with the host family at the last day and spend some emotional moments. Meet all the friends you made during your stay, thank them and have your own time. This is how your last day would be.



The local team would take you to the Kathmandu airport before a day of your departure to avoid any discrepancy. The final day of your departure you will be dropped at the airport and from here you are on your own. Say a final good bye to the team member and here your journey ends with a lot of memories and learning of life.




Services of the program




Nice question! Yes, there are a plenty of services those are most needed and important to know. In this project fee you will get the following services included:

  • Pick up from Kathmandu air port

  • One night stay on arrival during the orientation period in Kathmandu at Volunteer's home where you will meet 2 to 5 Volunteers from different country

  • Kathmandu sight-seeing

  • Volunteer placement and Project 

  • Nepali Language and Culture information during orientation – 2 hours a day

  • Orientation about project before you head to the placement – 1 hour

  • Local transportation to the placement and back to Kathmandu 

  • Project accommodation in a host family near by the project

  • Daily two main meals a day during your stay in the placement

  • Visits every two weeks during your time

  • Contacting  you by phone two times every week

  • Regular local coordinator visits 

  • One night stay in Kathmandu after finishing the project

  • Assistance & support 24 hours available

  • Financial assistance to the projects



Every other service(s), that is not mentioned in the above list 'SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE FEE'



During the project you will be staying with a Nepali host family near by your project placement. The host families are so welcoming and believe in lasting relationships. The stay would be a basic one with all basic amenities. Staying with local host families will enable you to know the real nepali culture, tradition and you can get a chance to celebrate the local festivals as well.



During the project you will be getting 02 major meals of the day. The food will be authentic Nepali food and if you wish to cook for yourself sometimes you can take permission from the family to cook for you. In most cases volunteers are treated as a family member and they are free to do cooking very often. Everythinh depends on your attitude towards the family and cooperation with them.



There are many things to see in Pokhara. There are many roadside temples (both Buddhist and Hindu), and areas of interest here depending on your tastes. Highlights of Pokhara include:


  • Phewa Tal, the second largest lake in Nepal

  • Rani Ban, the Queen's Forest

  • Trekking in the mountains

  • Visiting local museums

  • Seti River

  • Patale Chango / Devi's Falls

  • Tashipalkhel (Tibetan area including a Monastery and village)

  • Paragliding

  • Yoga Ashrams (Centers)


Major Centers in Pokhara Area Are:

Kaskilkot : one of our main placement areas, is a 2 hour bus ride from the center of Pokhara and is nestled high in the hills with spectacular views of the mountains, Pokhara and Lake Phewa.


Begnas: This is located approximately 3 hours from Pokhara. Begnas is located at the top of a mountain overlooking Begnas Lake and Rupatal Lake, and has a very 'remote' feel.


And so many other places as well. If you request to our local team to o organize tours for you, they would love to do it for you.

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