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Volunteer Abroad

Jaipur Volunteer Projects

Elephant Care

Elephant farm, Mahout families (Elephant riders)

Volunteers have to involve themselves into each activity that mahouts do every day. Volunteer works involves making food bundles, feeding elephants, cleaning their shelters, washing them, massaging their head, trimming their nails, decorating them before going for a ride and love them as a friend. Elephants and so intelligent and understand most of the things. You will be surprised to see when their mahout is talking to you they will be quiet and listening likes getting all the conversation.

Animal Care and Rescue Center

Animal recue center, Awareness camps

Volunteers work as a support staff in the centre. Their major responsibilities are taking care of the animals & birds, cleaning their cages, feeding them, washing them, giving vaccines, record maintaining, preparing their food, educating the people about animal rights, motivating the locals to adopt them. Sometimes you also can join the rescue team operations but that solely on the decision of the centre.


Community Schools, Orphanages, Special children schools, Informal Evening classes

Volunteers work as a helping hand to the school and teachers to teach English, Math, Science and Geography. Sometimes sports and art & craft are also required to initiate by the volunteers to make the education fun and more learning. The children are far away from toys, enjoyment and general children fantasies so volunteer shares their feelings, love and affection to feel them wanted and lovable.

Healthcare and Nursing

Private community hospitals, Slum healthcare clinic, Heathcare checkup camps in schools

Volunteers work as a support staff and can help in daily activities like taking blood pressure, first aid treatment, cleaning the hospital, assisting the patients, helping the doctor while visiting the patients and other as per the need of the hospitals. Volunteers will also work as a helping hand to the staff by performing their duties and give them some rest when volunteers are there.

Women Empowerment

Girls school, Girl orphanages, Women self help groups

Volunteers work as a teacher to teach them English, basic math, daily science and budgeting of house. Semi literate women are taught about computer education and internet usage. Volunteer also help the girls in English communication and interview preparation for jobs. Resume writing and group discussions boost their self confidence. Awareness can be created about women rights and counsel the victims of domestic violence and dowry.


Boys orphanage, Girls orphanage

Volunteers have to play a very important role on this project because the children are far from understanding the structure of family and relatives. You would be their family and friends and you have to support them by educating and empowering them. The suggested tasks for the volunteers are like teaching the subject like English, Math, Science, Geography, cleaning the orphanage, helping the kids in making beds, support the staff in maintain the records, preparation in food, fun activities to make them feel important and loveable.

Buidling and Renovation

School buildings, Orphanages, Libraries, Public walls, Parks, Sports grounds

In this project you will be working with the Aii team to the different places like schools, library, community hall, public gardens etc. The major tasks would be making them fascinating and develop some small structures like toilets, sitting tables in schools, play ground etc. On the other hand renovating and maintenance would be another task. This project needs a lot of hard work and creativity. You need to paint the walls, draw world-map, fruits, veggies, body parts, introduction, math symbols, fairy tales in smaller classes etc.

Speical Need Kids Care

Special children school, Multiple disability centers for kids & teens

Volunteers are supposed to work as a teacher, a nurse, a carer and a mentor too. The main task is giving individual attention to kids and to monitor their progress. Other tasks involve helping the poor kids, helping in physiotherapy, movements, feeding the kids who are unable to hold the spoons and food by themselves. Also you can share the responsibility of the local staff while you are there. The task related with special children needs a lot of patience, dedication and emotional balance.

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Himalayas Volunteering Projects


Community Schools, Orphanages, Special children schools, Informal Evening classes

The project is situated in the village Gojra, Khaknal of tehsil Manali in Kullu district. The project is a community school that helps the local children to motivate, empower and educate through learning. The school is up-to middle class standard and serves around 200-400 students from age group 3 to 16 in mixed genders. The major problem of the school is that the teachers in the school are not well versed with English especially in pronunciation and grammar.

Old Age Home

Old age home

The old age home is situated in the Gojra village itself in Manali district in Himalayas region. The project provides shelter, food and other daily necessities to the elderly people who are not living with their families. Most of them are not wanted at home and their children doesn`t want them to live in their houses so they were left on the streets. Now the NGO is working for them and they are living a healthy life with the help of our volunteers and the other staff as well.

Women Empowerment

Girls school, Girl orphanages, Women self help groups

Our projects in Himalayas for empowering the women are located in the village Gojra in Manali. We are working hard to increase the rate of education in women in Himalaya region. The current situation is that being a mountain region Himachal is lacking in the education specially in girl education. The most of the girls and women do not go to school because they have to go for helping their families in daily earning and farming related works. We are trying to raise the bar of education for girls and women in Manali by conducting several education sessions, bridge courses and informal classes to empower them with education and information about their rights.


Boys orphanage, Girls orphanage

The child care program we run in the child care centers and protection centers located in the district Kullu in Himachal. The centers run as a day care centers for the children who do not have anybody to take care while their parents are working. Most of the parents are daily wage earners and indulged into labour work in the fields. Their parents can`t afford their education & care expenses so they left them to the organization & the host organization is taking care all of their needs like education, stay & food. The other project is running in the DCC (Day Care Centers) in the nearby area.

Computer Teaching

Schools, NGOs, Informal groups of kids

We are trying to create some sustainable job chances for the students and youth in Manali district of Himalaya region. Being a touristic place and situated on a very high geographic situation the employment opportunities in Himachal are very less. This becomes more problematic when it comes to the education because it doesn`t have any encouraging percentage of educated people. We are running some schools and other computer centers by providing good level of computer education to the students and youth.

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