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Care Project

Support Elephant Care & Welfare  in Jaipur

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Elephant Care Volunteer Project in Jaipur 

Are you an animal lover who wants to make a difference in the lives of elephants, mahouts, and their families?


If so, the Elephant Village project in Jaipur is the perfect opportunity for you to make a meaningful impact. By volunteering with us, you will have the opportunity to work with elephants and their caretakers, providing them with love, care, and support. You will be living in a rural setting and experiencing the daily life of the elephant village.

As a volunteer, you will help take care of the elephants by feeding them, bathing them, and cleaning their living quarters. You will also have the opportunity to learn about elephant behavior, their health issues, and the cultural significance of elephants in Indian society. Additionally, you will work closely with the mahouts, learning about their traditional lifestyle, and providing support to their families.

Your time in the Elephant Village will not only be rewarding but also transformative. You will have the chance to develop your cultural understanding and communication skills, and to make lifelong connections with the people and elephants you work with. Your contributions to the Elephant Village will help preserve the cultural heritage of elephants and their caretakers in India.

Volunteering in the Elephant Village project in Jaipur will provide you with a unique opportunity to work closely with elephants, mahouts, and their families. You will gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture and tradition, develop new skills, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of elephants and their caretakers. Join us in our mission to preserve the cultural heritage of elephants in India and make a difference in their lives.

Program Details


The key highlights of the project are as follows:

Arrival airport: 

Jaipur International Airport


Project start dates: 

Any Saturday (all around the year)

Minimum to maximum duration: 

Starting from 01 week to 04 weeks


Accommodation types: 

Volunteer guest houses & Indian host families



All meals included in the fee (Breakfast, lunch,